John E. Phillips - Crappie: How To Catch Them Fall And Winter

Black and White Version Yes, you can catch and eat crappie during the fall and winter months. Often at many places, you’ll catch more and bigger crappie in the fall and winter than you do in the spring and summer. To learn where to find and how to catch cooler weather speckled sides, we’ve interviewed a wide variety of some of the nation’s best tournament crappie fishermen and guides. Many of the individuals you’ll read about in this book are tournament crappie pros, who travel the country to fish in crappie tournaments from New York to Florida and from Virginia to California. They use the latest crappie-finding equipment, the best poles, rods, reels, line and the most-productive baits. Each  ...


Lisa Emerson - Zombie Economics: A Guide To Personal Finance By Lisa Desjardins (2011-05-03)

Read how five collectors from around the country have taken their love of Barbie and created vibrant dioramas depicting various facets of Barbie's life.With a little imagination, they have designed and built toy stores, wedding chapels, yoga studios, and merry-go-rounds. With a little help from their smartphones, digital cameras, and personal computers they have put Barbie everywhere from London streets to a NASA launch pad. There are more than 75 colorful illustrations.


Lisa Emerson - Writing Guidelines For Business Students

This text is a concise yet comprehensive reference for all business students and covers the various forms of writing they are required to produce, from note-taking to essays and reports.


Lisa Emerson - Hook & Ladder 69: Eighteen Sexy Firehouse.

18 Authors. One SEXY Firehouse. All for Charity.  Meet the brave men and women of Station 69, serving the citizens of St. Louis while igniting hearts along the way. Eighteen authors have joined forces to bring you their sizzling stories--some sweet, some five alarm hot--but all for a great cause. Follow the antics and adventures of these sexy firefighters in what promises to be one of the hottest summers yet! This delectable book begs the question: Can anyone resist a hero in uniform?Multiple authors have come together to give you one firehouse where all proceeds from this collaboration go to the Burned Children Recovery Foundation. The Burned Children Recovery Foundation is a national recovery agency that has provided Emotional Support and Financial Aid to Burned Children and their  ...


Winter Laake - Occultus

Winter Laake is considered by many occultists to be the greatest of contemporary Satanists of history. His massive eight volume study of black magic stands as a paramount undertaking accomplished. His tomes also stand today as the supreme effort of the human mind to disentangle the complexities of Satanism in its entirety, bringing large scale exploration to a Luciferian enterprise, making it clear, concise and workable.


Lisa Emerson - All About That Face: Collectors Dioramas Of Barbie Doll, Her Family, And Friends.

Read how five collectors from around the country have taken their love of Barbie and created vibrant dioramas depicting various facets of Barbie's life.With a little imagination, they have designed and built toy stores, wedding chapels, yoga studios, and merry-go-rounds. With a little help from their smartphones, digital cameras, and personal computers they have put Barbie everywhere from London streets to a NASA launch pad. There are more than 75 colorful illustrations.


Winter Laake - Luciferian-incantus

'Luciferian-Incantus' is a consice, hard-hitting and sinister ‘Left Hand Path’ doctrine to ensure the preservation of the Satanic fittest, and the furtherance of Lucifer’s black magic practitioners. It is a fundamental mantra of Satanic instruction to be hidden away in Mephistophelean sanctuaries for later review and reflection.


Winter Laake - The Satanic Paradigm

'Satanic-Paradigm' is a watershed of Satanic conveyance, a must for any black magic practitioner. If you are looking for power of the black-magic kind, which will elevate you from the doldrums of sheeple reality, look no further!


Winter Laake - The Satanic Paradigm

'The Satanic Paradigm,' is cutting edge black magic. It contains advanced LaVeyan theory and never before seen photography of 'The Church of Satan' founder, Anton Szandor LaVey.


Winter Laake - Black Magic Is Might (volume 1)

'Black Magic Is Might' - Disciples of the ‘Satanic Singularity’ shall unleash a war unlike any known before, a battle of the fittest to prove the most wise; the most cunning. This shall be the new imperative, to strive and become the strongest Satanic Super Aryan one can be with unlimited psychic consciousness, interweaved with machines, to achieve ultima-Thule purpose, merged with dark energy, true 'Lords of the Left Hand Path.’


Winter Laake - Wolf At The Door: Illustrated Edition

'Wolf At The Door' (Illustrated Edition) is a cutting edge mix of occultnik and nihilistic poetry by Winter Laake. This book is heavily illustrated and is printed in full color. A must have for any collector of antiquarian tomes.


Winter Laake - Esoteric - Web: Baudelaire, Swinburne, Lavey, Crolwey, Occult

'The Esoteric Web' is a collection of occult poetry that has been assembled into a compact exotic grimier of Satanic recollection. It far supercedes todays run of the mill, ensconced poetics.


Winter Laake - The Book Of Black Magic: Les Treatise De Magica Noir

'Les Treatise De Magica Noir' - Translated from French to literally mean, 'The Book of Black Magic' is a work that lives up to its name. The book stays within the framework of the arcane arts and nothing else. It contains unique spells, that are revolutionary in their time. Foreward by Kenneth Anger.


Winter Laake - Sex-sex-six (eclectic Alien Insights)

Alienesque terran scapes are contrived inside this codex of pop-art street graffiti. Everything from the main-grey to a flying-saucer girl. So strap in, this is a 'Sex-Sex-Six' eclectic alien escapade.


John E. Phillips - Whitetail Deer And The Hunters Who Take Big Bucks

I’ve enjoyed writing this book as much, if not more, than any book I've ever written on deer and deer hunting. I've learned so much on how hunters find trophy bucks, what they do to put themselves into positions to take those trophy bucks, and which hunters have the best chances of taking older, mature bucks. This book is a celebration of the men and women who’ve taken their bucks of a lifetime.


John E. Phillips - Cómo Entender E Interpretar La Biblia (spanish Edition)

Una orientación acertada y sensible para ayudar a todo creyente a investigar las escrituras y descubrir sus significados y trascendencia. Dr. Phillips provee las reglas elementales para el estudio de la Palabra de Dios. Él introduce los grandes principios de la interpretación bíblica; enseña cómo entender los símbolos de pactos y exenciones, parábolas y profecías en la Biblia y ofrece recursos prácticos tales como una reseña de las escrituras, armonía de los evangelios y un resumen de la historia de la Biblia.


John E. Phillips - How To Hunt And Take Big Buck Deer On Small Properties

As I've been interviewing hunters from across the nation, I continue to hear the same story. “You won’t believe how small the property is where I’m taking trophy bucks.” With the price of deer leasing continuing to escalate and fewer large tracts of land available, hunters are leasing small tracts of land or gaining permission to hunt these small properties. In this book, you'll read about 14-different hunters who either have gained permission or leased properties as small as 6 acres to as much as 250 acres, and they consistently taken older-age-class bucks off these little lands. When John and Jim Scott got pictures of a monstrous 10-point buck made from a surveillance camera at a suburban apartment  ...


John E. Phillips - Catch Crappie All Year: Fishing A Single Pole, Using No Boat And Farming Crappie

I’ve interviewed some of the best crappie fishermen in the nation for my new book, “Catch Crappie All Year: Fishing a Single Pole, Using No Boat and Farming Crappie,” to learn how, where and when to catch the most crappie with or without a boat while single pole fishing. I’ve also included information on how to grow a crop of crappie to catch every day of the year. Although I’ve fished in fully–rigged crappie boats costing $45,000 - $90,000 + that can have up to 16 rods at one time to slow troll, I still enjoy … * watching a quill cork sink in a brush top; * fishing with an ultralight spinning rod; * reeling jigs or minnows along  ...


Lisa Brian - Letters Of Love: From Peter, John, And Jude (the Passion Translation)

Everyone needs grace. For some it may be for a difficult marriage, or children that have wandered away. For others it may be their limitations and hardships. Peter s letters offer strengthening grace. There is an abundance of grace found within the verses of this book to set you free. You are an overcomer, and God s grace is our fuel to empower our hearts to soar. John, the apostle of love, always points us back to the most important virtue of all: God s love. He teaches us that nothing can defeat the love of God and that only perfect love has the power to cast our fear from our hearts. To read John s letters is truly reading a tapestry  ...


Craftsman 9-31794 Slotted Phillips Screwdriver Set, 17 Piece

Craftsman 17 pc. Screwdriver Set: Essential for Any Small Toolkit If you've decided it's time to get serious about your toolkit, this Craftsman Clear Handle Screwdriver Set is a great way to go about it. Featuring professional quality slotted and Phillips screwdrivers, this 17 piece set comes with enough sizes to handle many standard jobs where you need to tighten or loosen screws. The durable, butyrate handles are designed for high strength. They'll feel balanced in your hand, and they're durable enough to take a beating. The Craftsman 17 pc. Screwdriver Set is made in USA by a name you trust. Each blade is heat-treated and designed for getting the job done right every time. The slotted blade tips provide  ...


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